Tailwind CSS v1.8.0

Adam Wathan

Tailwind CSS v1.8 is now available with a handful of new utilities, a couple new features, and an exciting new experiment!

New features

  • New font-variant-numeric utilities (#2305)
  • New place-items, place-content, place-self, justify-items, and justify-self utilities (#2306)
  • New preserveHtmlElements option for purge (#2283)
  • New layers mode for purge (#2288)
  • Support configuring variants as functions (#2309)
  • Dark mode variant (experimental) (#2279)


  • CSS within @layer at-rules are now grouped with the corresponding @tailwind at-rule (#2312)


  • The conservative purge mode has been deprecated in favor of the new layers mode (#2288)

Check out the full release notes on GitHub for more details.

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